Too Busy

Few can deny that the world is getting busier and busier. It seems like everyone is demanding more and more from us. We have to pay bills, keep people happy, raise the kids, do the housework, (add whatever you do here), and so on. There is a never-ending supply of what we could do and what needs to be done.

Now be honest about this next question. In all that we do when was the last time you took time for yourself? I don’t mean 10 mins here or there. When was the last time that you really took a Sabbath (A time of rest and restoration)?  If you are like me then I bet you do not remember the last time you did. That is not good. Not good at all.

We can always add another thing to our plates, or at least we try to make ourselves believe that. There will come a time when you are doing so much for others, and nothing for yourself, that exhaustion starts to creep in. Eventually exhaustion (left unchecked) could lead us to burn out.

In my journey I have noticed a few things:

1. Busyness, without rest, causes depression, exhaustion, and a lot of other problems.  

I have been here time and time again. So exhausted that my eyes hurt. My body doesn’t want to move. My thrill of living seemed like it was leaving. My heart seemed heavy and overly active. There was a time or two where I felt like I was having a heart attack. Add to that the sleepless nights and the irritability. Not taking personal time isn’t worth all the heartache and pain.

2. Busyness, without rest, clouds our thoughts and judgements.  

Another thing I noticed is how clouded my thoughts and judgements get when I am facing exhaustion. I am usually a quick-witted guy, but when I am exhausted my wits are as quick as molasses on a cold day.  When I am like this I seem like I cannot make any decision let alone a good decision. My thoughts all seem jumbled and I feel like I am failing everyone around me. Not taking personal time isn’t worth all the heartache and pain.

3. Busyness should never be mistaken for spirituality.  

We often times think that do more for God allows us to fall deeper in love with God. Loving God doesn’t mean you do more it means you make the most out of what you do. It means that what I am doing can be seen as worship unto God is I honor Him with my best in it. Doing more isn’t the answer. Doing more actually disconnects me from God.

Here is my Advice:

1. Stop NOW

Stop doing too much and start prioritizing rest into your life. Whatever that is for you. For me it is fishing. For you it may be something else. Whatever that is make it a priority in your life.

2. Start saying NO

People want you, your time, and your attention. Learn to say no. They will get over it. If they don’t then you can always pray for them.

Realize that it will be awkward at first to change your life, but it will be worth it.

Blessings on your journey!